Fire Door Seal

RIGID  Intumescent Seal

Product Description :

Extruded from a graphite thermoplastic compound supplied 

in a wide range of size for use as cavity fire seal. The 

intumescent are not affected by the humidity, temperature or

 water have provide much flexibility in many application.

Application :

  • Intumescent Fire Seal is used widely to seal up gap between 
        doors and frames in the event of fire. 
  • When pile seal are added to the seal, it can act as seal for 
        cold smoke during initial fire and prevent draught, dust or air

        conditioning escape during normal time.

Characteristics :


: ±2mm

Expansion Rate

: Up to ±20 times original size.

Expansion Temperature

: Aggressive expansion from 160C to 180C.


: Does not sustain flame.


: Non Toxic in solid form.

Reaction to water

: No property change when immersed in water.

UV and ozone resistance

: Excellent.


: Yes.


: Yes.

Installation :

Install between wooden fire door leaf or frame either with nail, 

glue or self adhesive tape.

Tested to :

  • BS476 Pt 22:1987
  • SS332:2000

Standard Size :

With or Without Self adhesive tape.

  • 25mm x 3.6mm x 2.1m with PVC casing. Oder
  • 20mm x 3.6mm x 2.1m with PVC casing. Oder
  • 18mm x 3.6mm x 2.1m with PVC casing. Oder
  • 15mm x 3.6mm x 2.1m with PVC casing. Store In Vietnam
  • 12mm x 3.6mm x 2.1m with PVC casing. Oder
  • 10mm x 3.6mm x 2.1m with PVC casing. Store In Vietnam
Colour: Standard Dark  Brown 

Ogrin : From Malaysia

 Fire door seal - Intumescent Seal PVC casing

Fire door seal - Fipper Rangle: anti fire smoke and acoustic seals for timber door edges and frames

 Door seal - Twin Flippler              Door seal - Single Flippler
                     UK PVC Twin F                        UK PVC Single F

 Door seal - Side Flippler       Door seal - Triple Flippler
                    UK PVC Side F                          UK PVC Triple F

Du Ly Company : Send the sample within 02 days 

                           Delivery within 02 days in stock. With pre-orders will be delivered within 30 days
                                         Intumescent Seal PVC casing

                                                             Anti-fire door with Intumescent Seal PVC casing being fire

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  • Project Topaz City apartment District 2 HCMC
  • Hotel in Nha Trang
  • Saigon Pearl apartment - 92 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh Street, Bình Thạnh District HCMC 
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  • Project Le Meridien Saigon hotel 3C Ton Duc Thang District 1, HCMC Vietnam
  • Project Royal Hotel - Hoi An Danang, Vietnam
  • Complex Project Hoang Anh Gia Lai Myanmar.
  • Vietnam France Hospital in HCM City, Vietnam
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