SURESEAL  Flexible Casing Intumescent Seal 

Product Description :

Co-Extruded with graphite thermoplastic compound supplied in a 

wide range of size for use as cavity fire seal. The intumescent are not 

affected by the humidity, temperature or water have provide much 

flexibility in many application.

Application :

          and frames in the event of fire. 

         production wastage.

Installation : Install between wooden fire door leaf or frame either with nail, glue or self adhesive tape.

    Intumescent Seal  Flex casing  MA10 - MA20 - CN10  

Tested to :

Standard Size :

With or Without Self adhesive tape.                           

Colour: Brown and black

Ogrin : From Malaysia, China

Test Anti-fire door  with Intumescent Flex casing

Characteristics :

Products are selected and perfected in Vietnam: