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Fire Door Seal   Intumescent Seal PVC casing


RIGID  Intumescent Seal

Product Description :

Extruded from a graphite thermoplastic compound supplied 

in a wide range of size for use as cavity fire seal. The 

intumescent are not affected by the humidity, temperature or

 water have provide much flexibility in many application.

Application :

        doors and frames in the event of fire. 

        cold smoke during initial fire and prevent draught, dust or air

        conditioning escape during normal time.

Characteristics :

Installation :

Install between wooden fire door leaf or frame either with nail, 

glue or self adhesive tape.

Tested to :

Standard Size :

With or Without Self adhesive tape.

Colour: Standard Dark  Brown 

Ogrin : From Malaysia

 Fire door seal - Intumescent Seal PVC casing

Fire door seal - Fipper Rangle: anti fire smoke and acoustic seals for timber door edges and frames


                 Products are selected and perfected in Vietnam:

 Door seal - Twin Flippler              Door seal - Single Flippler

                     UK PVC Twin F                        UK PVC Single F


 Door seal - Side Flippler                                           Door seal - Triple Flippler

                            UK PVC Side F                                                                    UK PVC Triple F

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